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Uhm.... is that what I think it is?

Yes, it is exactly what it looks. And I took the photo halfway frogging it because I did not think of ti before. }:(

I started making a hat for my daughters, specifically the "Upside-down daisy" from Susan B. Anderson's gorgeous book, "Itty-bitty hats"... and it felt a little off since the start... then, when I had knitted SIX INCHES, I tried it on...

It was huge. Even for me.

I took the needle out, flattened the garment. Yup, it could easily be a sweater. A baggy sweater.

What had gone wrong?

I counted the stitches. I had casted on a full TEN STITCHES MORE than the pattern calls for...


I am not that good a knitter, so instead of breaking my head trying to turn it into a cute little sweater, a pullover perhaps... I frogged it. Frogged right into my yarn-ball-making-thingie (I know, I know, I'm getting too technical here). It was simply easier to do so, and otherwise I KNOW it would just sit on that needle, per seculae seculorum, hoping vainly to be finished. The grandkids of my grandkids would find it one day and wonder at it's intended fate.

Frog it, girl! it's sort of like a bandaid. If you pull quick it (almost) doesn't hurt.


On other (happier) subjects:

1.- I did finish the wristwarmers from "101 designer One skein wonders" and they truly are wonderful! yaaay! I am blocking them so for now, no photos yet.

2.- Started making simple summer dresses for the girls, too. :D I love dressing them in similar garments, and these dresses are not similar but identical! oh well,they are easy to make: cut a rectangle, one seam to close it, add two simple straps. Voila, you are done! the fabric is pre-smocked. Lazy dresses. Lazy mommy.

Oh well!

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