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Do you know I cook for a living?

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You couldn't tell from this blog, could you?

Not a reference to cooking. Zero. Zip. Nada. And I do like cooking (imagine if I didn't!).

The thing is, sometimes I just HATE cooking. When customers only order the "safe" dish, as in the one they know and don't venture in ordering anything else from the menu. Do they know there's something else besides eggs sunny side up? and we don't only make ham and cheese sandwiches? sometimes it makes me want to scream.

I do have some friends that are my guinea pigs. They actually come in and ask me "what do I want to eat?" Now THAT is way beyond refreshing! they help me test and come up with new dishes and sometimes they keep ordering them!

And even so, the things I come up with for them are nothing too fancy or weird. Scrambled eggs with salami, champignons, rosemary, basil, cooked a bit tender and then placed on two thick slices of buttered bread and covered with cheese and then broiled until the cheese has melted and the eggs are done but not too done, still creamy, all that served with some very simple, very crisp baby spinach leaves... sigh!

Nah. People want just eggs, sunny side up. WELL DONE. (ew! I hate them well done, they get so rubbery and ew!) There's nothing wrong with them, I have them sometimes too, just DO.NOT.ORDER.THAT.EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

And the next time someone asks me for instant coffee I will howl. Consider yourselves warned.


Tammie said...

*i had no idea you cooked. i can see how you'd get tired of folks ordering the same stuff over and over.
*i have a sort of unspoken rule that when i go out to eat, i dont order anything that i can cook at home easily. so i never order plain scrambled eggs... i would totally order that sandwich you described though. sigh...this post made me very hungry.
*instant coffee is the devils work and should never be ordered by anyone.

CT said...

LOL! Tammie, you are welcome to taste it anytime (that means, get yourself over here, girl! lol!) Thank heavens for a like minded soul! :D Coffee?

Libby said...

So are you sharing any recipes and pics of your food creations? I love learning new dishes, especially ones from people from different cultures than my own. That way people don't know what to think of me. They can't put me into a box, no sir! When my friends come over, they might just get an American meal with a pupusa on the side! :-)


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