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Non craft related, but makes me VERY proud!

hehehe! so proud that I HAD to brag:

I'm trying to lose all the weight I put on since about a year before I married... If you scroll all the way down to the ticker at the bottom you'll see how I am doing.

Well, today was a day of non-weight related victories for me.

My gym buddy told me she could not make it today. So I figured, what the heck, I'll stay in bed (we meet there at 6:00 am) given that the reason I CAN get up in the morning is because I know she'll be waiting there for me and I would feel bad if I stood her up. Well, i did NOT set the alarm for 5:20 am... I am a sleepyhead, so I DID set it up for 7:00 am.

And still, I was wide awake at 5:30. I turned in my bed, no sleep. Ok, so maybe i'll get up and go for a walk.

I walked all the way to the gym. (GASP!) Not only that, I went to the yoga room and did (by myself) a series of asanas I had not made in YEARS, the Sun salute. And the weeks of weight training paid up! : I could do a proper Chaturanga, no dropping unceremoniously to the floor and then scurrying up to the next pose. Nope. A nice, slow, proper Chaturanga. I finished the whole secuense, with a lot of sweat, I admit it, like no selfrespecting, responsible, (oh, about that word!!! I'll tell you something about it later!) serious yogi would sweat. But still, I finished it all!!!!!!!!

And THEN, motivated by that small acomplishments, I got greedy and got in the treadmill to do something I suck at: running.

I mean, I CAN sprint, for about 15 seconds... and since I've taken to excercising again, I can run for like about a minute and a half, at 4.5 mph, and then I have to rest at a slower pace.

Today I set the machine for a training routine for a 5k. I did NOT know the thing would change the pace by itself! so I found myself at one moment running at 6.5 mph for TWO MINUTES STRAIGHT!!!!! I slowed it down just a bit, and continued running at 4.5 for another five minutes and switched back and forth, for a total of 15 minutes! It was unbelivable! I was so shocked I could do that!!!!

And THEN!!!! (oh yeah, there's more) at home I dug out a skirt that I had not worn in 3 years and IT FIT!!!! YEEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I'm queen of the world!!!!! WOOOHHHOOOO!!!!!!


And about the responsible... I had such a dumb moment yesterday! One of the waiters offered to help me clean up a cup exhibition, our colection of coffee and tea cups. And (shame) I told him to be extra careful because some of the cups were IRRESPONSIBLE.

(smacks her forehead with her open hand!) Irreplaceable, sorry!

I think he hasn't stopped laughing yet!


Just be happy! said...


I hope I can get inspired to lose some weight after the baby is born... it bugs me that I have been gaining so much, I'm scared!

Hehehe, that kind of thing happens... sometimes I use the wrong words too... hehehe

Libby said...


Remember you always crawl before you walk. Every success should be celebrated. I'm happy for you in obtaining your goals. Keep up the good work! :-)

Rudee said...

Congratulations! I need to get back to routine yoga. It's as good for the soul as it is for the body.

As for the cups, not only would the be irreplaceable, they'd probably be irreparable if someone dropped them. ;-)

CT said...

hehehe! thank you very much!!!!

I'm struggling a lot, but THIS time I'm not stopping till I get where I want to!

Tammie said...

congratulations on all of this! im so happy for you.

i should have read this on another day though because ive been eating way too many baked goods and am just feeling portly. i really need to get back on track and be good. tomorrow.


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