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Wanna see more scarves?

I finally uploaded some photos of the scarves and things I've been knitting lately... there are some projects missing because they have yet to have all the weaving and blocking...

First, my helper in this "photo session", my little Julia. She had so much fun! she waited until I had finished adjusting or folding the items till I had them just like I wanted them and had grabbed my camera... and then she quickly grabbed it and pulled just as I was snapping the photo! (you should see the ones that didn't make the cut! lol! well, maybe not)

This is the napoliant scarf I was working on for myself, left waiting as I hurried to finish other, more pressing projects. I had a bunch of yarn left and I really love how it looks (it has silver speckles all through it and it looks adorable) so I copied a hat that my mother gave my daughters and made one for myself... cutesy little bow and all! Little girl's fashion is just darling!

This is the "mossy" scarf. I was about halfway through it when my mom commented that it looked like moss: the colors, the fuzziness, and since I was knitting some moss stitch rows alternating with the stockinnette stitch, I thought the name was quite apropiate.

And last but not least, the multidirectional scarf. I've ranted time and again how impossible is it to get nice yarn here, and when I saw the Noro scarves in Ravelry I almost bit someone. But then I saw this nice variegated yarn and I knew it was destined to be knit. By me. Into a Multidirectional beautiful scarf. And then... my friend decided to fall in love with it (ok, maybe I'm exagerating, but you should have seen all the admiring and touching and fondling and almost-get-a-room moment she had with this scarf) so I promised myself I would make it a present for her on her birthday... it is comming closer and I am getting separation anxiety, specially since I've not been able to find the exact colorway again!


Just be happy! said...

Thank you for leaving such nice comments on my blog!
Your scarves are beautiful!!!

CT said...

lol! thank you! I love your blog!

Just be happy! said...

Oh my Gosh, that is quite a birth story!
When your daughter is older, you will have to tell her what you went through.
This is my second pregnancy, but unfortunately my first baby was a stillborn, so this time my husband and I are more than anxious... you can imagine, right?


Jane said...

Wonderful collection of scarves. I love the 'mossy' one! Thanks for visiting my blog too. xx


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