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Potty training

Possible nausea alert! If you are easily nauseated, or do NOT want to know about potty training,


I mean it. you won't like it.

Still reading? good. Moving on.

How many of you have kids in/about to be in/have been/about to have been in potty training age?

I have one and one on the way to be. So for the past four or five days my life has consisted in high speed races to the bathroom, either following a toddler that has suddenly shot up from playing with her blocks to yell "mommy, poo-pooo" or carrying said toddler when she is a bit too far from the bathroom to make it.

We didn't always make it on time (as a couple of BH dresses and some of mommy's t-shirts can tell you), but we kept trying. I did not use those "training diapers" , following advice from her teacher I rather put some "big girl panties" on her. She chose them, and when she has to put on a fresh pair of undies, she goes to her closet and picks the ones she wants to wear. That little, simple fact has done wonders! She's finally going on her own to her little potty, because she doesn't want to wet her "pretty flower undies", and she managed it in THREE SHORT DAYS! I'm so proud of her, cause she did a great effort! and you should have seen her proud little face when her daddy came home last night and she told him "Daddy, I did potty by myself!" She simply beamed and I wished I had my camera to capture that sweet little face...

humph... poo and sweet don't really sound like they go together? hahaha! they DO!

Oh, and LH? she might catch on sooner than expected, because when she saw us run to the bathroom, she ran after us and stared at everything we did. She even wanted to sit on the toilet seat after her sister had! LOL! Those girls! how I love those girls!!!!


Rudee said...

Three days is amazing time. Good for her (and you).

Libby said...

Oh this is fantastic! When both girls are potty trained I'm sure you'll be much freer, unless you have some more really soon. lol :-)

Congratulations again!

Michelle Walker said...

That's great! My little girl was harder to potty train than my little boy! I'll be starting potty training soon with Hank. Thanks for all your words of encouragement! They meant a lot!


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