Amazon suggestions


My friend Alessandra has just listed in her Etsy shop the pattern for her Oh-so-gorgeous wreath!!!!

I can tell you, that girl has talent! And the wreath can be customized! so, go check her out. She has also listed her button necklace pattern, and that necklace is just SO COOL!

Also, for some yarn envy, see what Libby just scored! lucky girl!

And while you are it, a funny post by Jane about swatches... and check Jane's lacework!!!!!

Ok, in for a penny, in for a pound! This awesome, crazy, wonderful thing by Dawn has me drooling!

Sigh! I think I'll stop now or I'll go insane with all the wonderful, delish things going on in the blogosphere! see ya!


Libby said...

Awww, CT! Because of you I think I have a new reader. :-)

And....I love your new pic too.


Just be happy! said...

if it wasn't for you those patterns wouldn't be available, so thank you very much!


CT said...

Libby: really? I'm glad! lol! I love what you do and I'd love for everyone to see it!

Alessandra: Ok, that's only about 10 % truth, lol!!! I'm happy to have been of assistance, though!


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