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Looky looky!

See what I got!!! This bag(basket?) belonged to my mom. When I was in college, she bought it to store the yarn she was using to crochet some curtains. Well, since she finished those (and they are sooo nice!) and I am crocheting my girls blankets, she gave it to me to store the squares and the yarn!!! how cool is that!!!!

It is made of woven petate (something widely used in Mexico. Petates was used as bedding, because they were cool when the weather was warm, and warm when it was cold. Now they are often used as sort of rugs and in some places, still to sleep in them)

If you want to have an idea of the size, those tiles are about a foot long on each side... and it is almost one tile wide and maybe a foot and a half tall... aren't you impressed at how technical and precise I am!? oh, and that slim little foot is BH's... she wanted to be in the photo too!

Love it, love it! love my new project basket!!!!!!

hey, have you posted your comments on the post below?? don't forget to do it!!!! I'm SO EXCITED about the giveaway!!! yaaay!!!


Just be happy! said...

that's so neat!!!

Libby said...

What a cool gift! Crocheted curtains? Now that I'd like to see. Cute foot too! :-)

Michelle Walker said...

That's a great gift!!! Hey, thanks for all your supportive comments, they mean a lot!

Rudee said...

It's wonderful to carry on mother to daughter traditions.


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