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Creative Minority

Now I just found out I'm creative by decree of the Pope! YAAAY!!!

Jokes aside, I was having so much fun reading the posts on Creative Minority Report and so little fun with the going on in my crafting that I decided to post links to funny blogs...

Well, I'm gonna fess up... I screwed up with scarf no. 2. that's right, I have a first customer! now, I'm unashamedly going to admit my first customer is my Mom, but still, she liked what I did (she can crochet better than I) and wants a scarf for a birthday present. So, I told her she could have the scarf I listed in Etsy and I'd make a duplicate so I could send it when I sell that one.

Mistake No. 1. I casted on the scarf in the car. While on motion. Through a mountain range. That's right, folks! curves, scares everytime we encountered a trailer on a curve (gosh I hate that! I was once almost pumpkin puree on that road too!!!!), two overly excited little girls and one almost tragic project bag throwing to the front seat (brother stopped it from flying out the window, oy!) when Lil J threw up all over me (project bag sans vomit, mommy, backseat, said girl covered in the stuff) . You can tell that my mind was not exactly focused right then.

We got to our destination, washed up (people were looking at my wet jeans and blouse with a funny expression, but I did my best to ignore them... I smiled when they saw I had caught them staring and that made THEM more uncomfortable than I was. Well, ces't la vie!), bought Lil J a fresh change of clothes... and then another, just in case. Washed the back seat, left a window a crack open so it wouldn't stink of moisture and went off to our errands. I carried the project bag with me if only to prevent it from getting stinked up!

Then Big J fell asleep, so we three girls went back to the vehicle and got inside (it was so hot that day that the seat was completely dry!) opened all windows and sat there waiting for the others to finish their stuff. I pulled out my scarf with one rep already done, wondered why the color repeats in the new skeins were shorter, a bit cocky with the knowledge that by now I knew the pattern by heart... which accounts for my extreme surprise when by the row repeat number five or so I noticed a funny thing: the scarf was fanning out. Not sligthly flaring, not ruffling a little. It was fanning. Which brings me to this:

Mistake No. 2. Never assume that because you made ONE single item with a new stitch pattern, that will be enough to dismiss checking the pattern again. READ IT TWICE, THREE TIMES.

Ok, so I frogged it down to the first repeat which I stubbornly deemed to be correct. I put my scarf away for the trip back (good thinking for the first time in the day, because Lil J was carsick again!) and at night, after the girls were clean and fed and asleep, I crocheted happily away, having now checked the pattern and even having the book open at that page should I have any doubts. I had gone maybe some ten inches when I noticed yet ANOTHER funny thing...

I was running out of yarn from the first skein. And I was nowhere halfway through the scarf! I pulled out the original and compared them, which was a late remedy for my

Mistake no. 3. If you are copying a garment, even one you designed, for cripes sake, keep the garment at hand for comparison!!!! I was making the new scarf a full two inches wider than the original!!! it was a freaking mini shawl!!!!! I took a pillow, put it to my face and howled!!!!!!! I would have bitten it but I didn't want filling flying all over my -now thrice- unraveling scarf...

I frogged it all, wound the ball of yarn and put it away. Enough was enough.


Alhana said...

Still, it looks like you had a lot of fun. Or maybe it's just me but your story made me smile! Congrats on your first customer :-D

ps: I want the Pope to bless my creativity too!

Michelle Walker said...

yay for customers! I love the scarf!

Just be happy! said...

I'm sorry about everything, but this is a funny story!
I hope you get it right next time!

craftygal86 said...

Hi! I thought about embroidering a pop color too... Do you think that would take very long? (the shower is on Saturday). I haven't done embroidery since I was a young child, might need to watch a video to brush up on my skills... what color would you suggest?

craftygal86 said...

I tried the border and I just couldn't get it right! I stitched it and tore it out at least 5 times (around one of the hearts) and then ended up keeping it off. I think I'll just do the ribbon and call it quits. next time the words will be in purple.

hester said...

This was a great story (though not a great car trip). We have had vomiting girls in the car, too - not fun!!!


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