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Here I am still!

Hello there! Did you think I'd abandoned you? well I did, sorta. I've been crazy busy, with major changes and major challenges in my life... life's never been as good and as bad as it is right now. I won't bore you with the bad things, because I don't want to cry all over my keyboard and it would be extremely embarasing if a customer came in while I'm sobbing my woes over to all of you. This will have to wait for a more auspicious moment. But I do ask of you, my friends, to pray for me. I really need it and I'm feeling very very baffled and lost.

Ok, on merrier things... My littlest one, LH saw her daddy and me cleaning the house and decided she wanted to help out. This is her version of sweeping the floors. The broom must be about four inches above the floor, but gosh does she move it in earnest! Luv her!!!

And the patron of BH school is none other than the Holy Trinity. So this past weekend being their day and all, they had Mass at the school among other activities... this is my big little girl, the second from last! She looks so tiny doesn't she? even when I realized the "big" boys are only five years old!!!!!! that's her teacher in the back, and the one in the front teaches first grade of preeschool. The building they are in is not the one my girl goes to school at, but the junior High, that gray door in the back used to be my taquimechanography classroom... brr! I still get chills from remembering that assignment! lol!!!

You wanna know what they were lining up to? they were the "choir"! how cool is that? well, they actually only sang the entrance song, because being so litte they don't have the hability to stay still the whole mass. After that song, the "big" choir took over. That's my girl again, front row, second from right.

And while my talented and hard working daugthers have been doing all this, do you think I've been slacking? no siree! Here's a sneak peek to what I've started... :) how do you like it? the silvery gray and white are acrylic, and the pink is chenille. I tried knitting with chenille before but I could never see my stitches properly and dropped them more often than I was comfortable with, so I frogged the little sweater and it is becoming this. I think I might crochet the same sweater, it was so easy crocheting with it, and my girls love the softness of it.

Well, that's it so far. Really, remember me in your prayers, cause I'm desperately in need of them. Luv ya!

I just realized... I'm about to have my 100th post! yup, in a couple of posts more I'm gonna reach the 100 mark! yaay! now, I have to see how are we going to celebrate....


craftygal86 said...

I hope everything works out, you're in my prayers! Your little girl is so cute in her uniform! So petite! Also, I just bought yarn to make that star blanket too! I have to finish it before the 20th for a baby shower. =-D

Tammie said...

hang in there. ill be thinking of ya. :)

Just be happy! said...

I will be praying for you.
Love your start baby afghan, it's looking great!
Take care.

Libby said...

Yes, you will be in my prayers. And, I love the uniforms and the pictures of your kids. Qs. Is the pink and black the teachers' uniforms or do they just happen to match each other? Our district has unforms, but not as cute as these!

CT said...

Ashley: thank you very much! I love to see her in her uniform, and she likes it too! hey, lets make a CAL of that blanket, shall we?

Tammie: thank you, I really appreciate it, friend.

Ale: thank you, I know I can count on you always, my friend... I'll show you the progress of the afghan in the next post

Libby: they are in uniform, they have several but they have the option of choosing them, and the director has a great sense of fashion! One day I'll take a pic of her to show all of you.Thanks for praying for me, my friend

Jane said...

Love the star blanket and you're in my prayers too.

Alhana said...

Sabes que puedes contar conmigo también, con tanta gente orando por ti verás como todo sale bien :-)

Yo tengo una manta igual empezada desde hace mil años. Me apunto al CAL a ver si la termino!!


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