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99th post here!!!!

And I want to show you the progress in the starghan CAL. I must say, it has been SOOO dificult not to stop everything I'm doing and sell a kidney perhaps to buy some yarn and try my hand at some of Ysolda's incredibly beautiful knitted lace.

Which reminds me... have you met a crochet/knit snob? you know the kind, that when watches a knitted/crocheted item almost "humph!"s in disdain? Worse, oh horror of horrors...


I was given that haughty, patronizing look by one of my customers... She had seen me crocheting the squares for my daughters' blankies (that was about a week ago) and the very same afternoon she showed up with her knitting, a little sweater for her boy, who is about a forthnight older than my BH. She waited, looked at me, I pretended not to notice her superiority pose. Finally she must have gotten tired because she asked me "Don't you know how to KNIT?"

In the tone some other would ask "Dont you love your Savior?"

I couldn't help laughing! But I did not answer, I'm sad to say... I just laughed and left. Afterwards I thought of so many things I could have answered. I just thought it was so funny!

EDIT: oh! the snobbery! just now I had an incident! and it involved talking about you, my friends!!!!! I was writting the post and some customers arrived. I had my phone connected to my laptop because I was downloading some new photos, and while I ducked to retrieve the glass to give them their drink....

... when I popped up, they had my phone. My phone. And they had unplugged it from my laptop. And were playing with it.

Can you say "rude"? and these two women (mother and daughter) always give themselves airs of great dames. There they were, nosing around. I asked them for the phone in as polite a tone as I could muster. It is a peeve of mine, that I really resent people who don't know me take my things without asking first. If I don't know you personally, only as a customer, please, ASK BEFORE you just unplug and take someone else's phone!

Just when they were giving it back, a message from my friend (you know who you are, girl!) rang. They almost threw it to me and said in an angry tone" Answer!" WTF???????

ok, keep cool. Then they asked me who it was... WHAT??????

-A friend.

-A friend? why don't you answer?

-I did

-I didn't hear you (I really swore internally. Where's a punching bag when you need it?)

- I texted her

-Why doesn't she call you? (none of your business!!!!!!)

- because she is far away

- That's what phones are for

-She is in another country

- I don't believe you (WHAAAAAT?)

- well, she is

-how did you meet her? (none of your business! order and begone!!!!!)

- (sigh) the internet

- the internet? you know how to use it? (I mentally slapped my forehead, really)

-yes, I know a little

- I don't believe you (gosh! please go! I just shrugged)

- Well...

-Where do you know people from?(c'mon! give me a break! I don't even like you! sigh)

- All over the world

-All over Mexico?

-Nope, all over the world

-As in....? (did parents stop teaching manners? did I miss a proclaim abolishing decorum and good form?)

- (sigh!) US, Spain, Australia, Scotland, Japan, India...


- Listen, I don't care if you do. (yes, I was goaded into saying that!!! would you believe she was unfazed? and she didn't even say 'I don't believe you' in a 'shut up!!!' or 'no way' nice sort of way. She really believed I was lying to her. So you see, you, all of you are a figment of my imagination)

- Well, if it is true, how come you are not afraid?


- I am not dumb, I know what people I choose to make friends with, (not you, peacock-nosy-rude- lady!) and I don't fool around where I shouldn't.

Then I took my phone, hid my laptop and hid my seething self in the kitchen.



Libby said...

Wow. What a truly weird/awkward conversation. It's funny - those that forget their manners ask all kinds of nosy questions and those that remember their manners are too kind not to keep answering them. lol I think when parents teach us manners they forget to tell us what to do in situations like the one you just had and still be considered a well-mannered child. :-)

Just be happy! said...

LOL, I just can't believe that she thought you were lying, got your phone without permission and was reading your content - how rude!!!
but I must say, it's a funny story, specially with your comments on the side - love it!

Alhana said...

And I thought people I know were rude!! Not only taking a peek at your images, they wanted to hear your conversation! But seriously, aren't you afraid? You prevented them from eavesdropping. Mad gossipers are dangerous LOL

craftygal86 said...

O...M...G!!! Who does that?!?!?! I am shocked at the nerve of that woman!

craftygal86 said...

Oh - and your blanket is looking great! You may be a lot farther along than I am. Haven't had much time lately. I'm working in the garden today, just taking a quick break to check the blogs. Have a great weekend!

Merynne said...

Okay, I have been MIA(missing in action) for the last two weeks, but I came back to read your posts and I had to comment on this one! WOW, just wow! Americans are known for being rude/lacking manners/etc., but that is just beyond just nosiness. Sheesh, some people! I'm like you, though, I rarely speak up in defense of myself for fear of being rude, or maybe it's something else.
Anyway, your blanket loooks beautiful! I love the star... I haven't tried one of those yet. I have been doing lots of sewing lately though:) Okay, so I'm glad to be back reading your entertaining posts! *hugs*


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