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God has a sense of humor!

You wanna know which Church I ended up singing in today's Mass?


Friday I began feeling a bit off, Saturday my head was hurting and my throat was scratchy and during the night the headache woke me up... and my throat was completely closed! I could barely speak this morning, there was no yodeling for me today!

Oh, but that wasn't the only thing in store for me. Lol! I believe God was intent on giving me a slice of humble pie! So, I did not go to 6 am Mass at Santa Maria, and instead I went to 8 am Mass at Sacred Heart, because in that Mass they have a choir of children that blows my mind off, so I would not have to sing. I get there, no choir. Uh-oh.

The Monitor looks pointedly at me while she asks the assembly if ANYONE would sing. I look at my feet, how interesting they are today! The priest is about to come out, and he leans out the door, looks at the assembly and spots me. He gives me the over-the-glasses-look and goes back inside. Ok, dodged that bullet, I'm gonna concentrate in the drapes while the Mass starts.

THEN there comes an altar boy with a song book. Uh-Oh. I try to look everywhere but at him. Shoot! he is making a beeline towards me and by now the bench is full and I cannot slide in like a coward. He reaches me. I pretend not to notice until he extends the book towards me. Crap! he asks me if I'm the lady who sings. I tell him I am aphonic today, but wouldnt you know, my voice comes out clear as a bell. He is evidently incredulous. The people in the bench in front of me looks back at me with reproach, the people in my bench look sideways at me and I'm NOT looking back to see what the people in the bench behind me are doing!

For the duration of the Mass, I pretended to be just another bench.


Just be happy! said...

that is indeed funny.
I hope you're feeling better.
take care.

Libby said...

Ha! What an interesting turn of events. Is your church big? Mine is very small so there would be no hiding amongst the 20 or so people. But then again, I don't sing, so no one would be expecting that from me. :-)

CT said...

Ale: I am miserable! LOL! the first days are always the worst, but when I feel worse it means I can only get better, right? thank you! (I still want some blueberry bread, mind you!)

Libby: Sacred Heart is kinda biggish, each mass will gather around 500 people... not counting the ones standing, lol! Santa María is about the same capacity, only different distribution. Saint Joseph is the smallest, maybe 200. Now you tickled my curiosity, and next time I'll count the benches! LOL!

Rudee said...

Singing spreads more germs. Good for you for trying to blend into the woodwork.

Merynne said...

Oh, that is too funny! Do you think he does those things on purpose sometimes? :)
I lost my voice once for three days... I knew it was just a sore throat/bug, but I got so scared I would never be able to sing again! Oops, now I might end up scaring you(sorry!)
Lol, well, I am sure that you will get better soon!
Oh, and thank you so much for commenting on Alex's dance pics; I thought for sure I was being a crazy mom for posting them:)
~Hugs and prayers!


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