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Out in the dumps

Just a quick post, to let you know my laptop has decided to play goofy on me and won't allow me to connect to internet. I can do anything else, but oh, I cannot connect! so I'm here, on Sunday afternoon, at a cybercafé that only serves water on plastic cones (so much for the café part!) because I cannot yet publish from my phone either! I miss you all, and hope to have my laptop functioning again soon so I can catch up with what you have been doing. I can check my email on my phone, and also log on to the messenger and gmail chat, so I'll see you there when I can !!!

Did I mention I miss you all?


Just be happy! said...

I hope you can get it fixed soon.
miss you too.

Libby said...

Yeah, I've been wondering where you were. Looking forward to hearing from you when you get your computer fixed.

Happy Mother's Day!

Alhana said...

I miss you too! Hope everything else is fine :-)

Tanya said...

Hope you get your computer working again. Maybe you did since I "chatted" with you last night.

CT said...

Alessandra: so do I! it is driving me nuts to have to wait for a computer at a cybercafé instead of just turning on mine!

Libby: thanks! I had a great Mother's day! hugs!

Alhana: muchas gracias! de verdad que las extraño!

Tanya: I'm glad Dad gave my the Blackberry, that's were we chat! It was nice running into you!


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