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It is raining!!!

I wish I could show you the view from the bar at the café- it's raining! big, fat drops that splash with a happy noise! plus, there's a small stand with a metallic roof a few meters from us and the noise it makes is just delightful! Some customers rush inside with a temporary polka dot pattern in their clothes, and a young guy just walked by at leisure, purposely getting wet and such calm in his face... I love a rainy day. For me it is such a good omen, I don't know why. When the raindrops hit the ground, I believe everything is going to be ok after all. I think it has a lot to do with the way God made himself present in the Old Testament in the mana, in the rain, in the elements... God is with us! (can you tell I was just reading Exodus?)

It rained, and I am happy despite the fact that I did not sleep last night. BH complained that her face hurt (turns out it was her ear that hurt) and by 10:00 pm she had a fever. We drove all around town but no pediatrist was available. Her usual one was on vacation, and get this, she had left only last afternoon. Then another that we usually don't go because he has lines blocks long -seriously, I'm not exagerating - was away on a political rally, and thus we exhausted all possibilities. So I gave her a long shower to lower the fever, and when she was cool and had her milk she fell asleep. That was about 12:00 pm.

Then at 2:00 she came to our room and asked to go to the bathroom. When I picked her up I could feel her in a higher fever than before, so into the shower again, mommy and BH. We stayed there for about an hour, and then she had another bottle of milk. By that time I was about freaking out. We knew the pediatrist wasn't on guard that night so there was no point in waking LH up and go to the ER. We spent the next hour applying wet cloths to her forehead, armpits and tummy. Finally, around 4:30 she fell asleep again. But this girl amazes me so much! while we were in the shower, she started singing in spite of the fever! you'd never know she was ill by looking at her or listening to her! And while I was changing the cloths, she winced when it touched her skin, but turned to me and said "Mommy, I'm helping you, right? I'm a good girl, right? I'm not taking the cloths off!" I'm so proud of my little girl

And today we were the second patients at the pediatrist (the one running for mayor, remember?) and she was so good, letting him take her temperature, measure her, weigh her, listen to her heart and check her ear and throat. Turns out she has a mild throat infection, but it ran to her ear (remember her "face" hurt?). But LH... oh, LH! she was another story! she kicked and screamed all through the doctor's examination. She only sat still when she was weighed, because it was a cute yellow seat. She demanded to be seated again as soon as the doctor was done checking her. Turns out, she too had a throat infection and it was in her ear too.

And with the medicines! BH took them all meekly, but LH did her best impersonation of a mad bronco! I really felt like I was a ranch woman struggling with her! finally she did take it all.

Both my girls, I hope, will turn out strong: one all jokes but calm, other all sweet and reserved but with a very strong opinion. I love my girls

And did I mention it rains? luckily both love their coats!!!!


Rudee said...

Maybe next time, skip the shower and stand in the rain. I can't imagine how scary it is to have a sick baby with all that's been going around. Maybe the rain will bring better health.

Libby said...

Wow. I love how you mommies always know what to do for the sick kids. Did I read correctly, you usually can see a doctor that late at night? I'm glad your girls are on the road to recovery and that it rained!!!

* One of my student's grandma is on her way back from Mexico. Everytime she returns she brings the best candies! I have one piece left on my desk and I want to savor it. I can only wait for her return. :-)

Just be happy! said...

I'm sorry to hear that they got sick. :o(
It's 3 am now, and I'm up trying to burp my little guy that just ate. I can only wait for the day he sleeps 5 hours straight... waking up every 3 hours is not easy!!!
I hope your little ones feel better today.
I think it was beautiful the way you talked about the rain, I'll look at it with different eyes next time.

hester said...

I was about to say how beautifully you write but somebody just beat me to it. Hope your little girl is much much better. You SHOULD be proud of her, too.

hester said...

PS What's with the rain all over the world? It's raining at Tammie's in Florida, too and we had flash flooding here in Brisbane yesterday when we got half our average yearly rainfall in one day!

Tanya said...

Oh dear. How hard to have your little ones feeling ill. I'm glad it was only a throat infection and nothing worse. Blessings


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