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Contemplating moving.

It is hot in my hometown, so hot you itch to be outside as soon as you feel the tiniest flicker of a breeze, and the keyboard in my laptop feels uncomfortable against my skin.

Too hot to be in a single place for long, let alone crochet or knit!!!!!

I'm contemplating moving to cooler climates, if it is only in my imagination...


Libby said...

Think cold thoughts. Hang up a pretty picture of a cold place and let your mind wander.

I see you now, skiing down the mountains! Go, CT, go! :-)

CT said...

LOL!!!!! yeeeeeaaahhh! oh, that was a fellow skiier???? SORRY!!!

Merynne said...

Here is Kansas, we have ever-changing weather... Yesterday it was rainy and 57 degrees and today it was sunny with little wind and 80 degrees. But our summers can get pretty hot... I couldn't handle it being hot everyday:)... And isn't it so hard to crochet when your hands are sticky from the heat! Oh, I hate that!

Jane said...

There are colder climes up here. It's rainy and about 50F today.


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