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Sunny little things!!!!

I love daisies! they are so cheerful! (yes, I sound like what's her name in "You've got mail"... oh, yes, Meg Ryan "daisies are so friendly) but seriously, I love them! I like roses, but I like the garden variety better than the hothouse ones, and I prefer simple, fresh flowers like daisies. Or Cosmos, I definetly have a thing for those flowers!!!!

And my hubbie gave me these for no reason at all. So I like them even more.

These two flowers are sunny little things... just like these other two sunny little things I have :

Aren't they the loveliest?

This is a view of one of the parts of the main square about 20 meters from my home. The square is a bit oddly distributed, so if you had a rectangle and divided it in three withdwise, and then one third of it divided it in three widthwise again, this would be it.

And this is a pic of the City Hall, just before the Spring Parade. (Yes, it was about a month and a half ago, but I like how it came out). On this parade, only children from Kindergarden age participate, wearing cute little costume. My girl was a little frog, with all her classmates. One of my nieces was Spring Queen.


Tammie said...

your girls are so darn cute.

i love you've got mail. seriously, i know its cheesy/corny...but i watch it everytime it comes on.

CT said...

So do I!!!!! My husband rolls his eyes when I pull out the dvd if he is working on my day off (he's seen it waaay too many times since we've been married) but I like it!

Libby said...

I'm guilty. I watch that movie too. I love the pic of your girls and their facial expressions. :-)

Just be happy! said...

oh my goodness, I adore your little girls!!
nice you received flowers for no reason, that's a good hubby

kraftykash said...

My fav flowers are gerber daisies, planted a few last week. Now lets ee if I can keep them alive:)
Your daughters are beautiful!


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