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Of Jules Verne and childhood memories

Greetings, my esteemed friends

how fare thee?

No, peeps, I've not gone crazy. (well, some would say that is debatable but let's not listen to them, shall we?) I just had a long chat with one of my brothers about steampunk. Which led inevitably to Jules Verne.

I love all Jules Verne's books. I guess I was the only kid in fourth grade who had already read Around the world in 80 days and 20,000 leagues under the sea.

I was the only kid who read during recess too, so...

Daydreaming about being a character  in the books was a favourite kind of game for me. I was always a new character, interacting and altering the scenes, and The Misterious Island was the one I liked most for play. It had it all! (spoiler  alert! If you haven't read it - and why haven't you? - please ignore the next paragraph)

Isn't this cover thrilling???

Ayrton and Cyrus and the gang were wholesome men (and woman), despite their flaws, and Captain Nemo was a figure of mythical proportions in my childish eyes. The events leading to their escape and consecuent stranding in the island bore no interest to me then, but as I've grown to understand them better, it speaks volumes of the character of the men involved.

I was a fan of Jules Verne before I even read L. M. Montgomery or Jane Austen, or even my beloved JRR Tolkien , and the love of his inventive and narrative has remained  with me.

Now excuse me if I go read one of his books. It's been too long.

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