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BOOK REVIEW: Spring for Susanah

Spring for Susannah
by Catherine Richmond

Susannah Underhill has become a mail order bride shortly after both her parents passing away.  As she arrives at the station where her husband is supposed to meet her, this timid woman is everything but hopeful.  Enter Jesse Mason, her joyful, hardworking husband, who takes her into his home and his heart without hesitation.

This is a story of spiritual growth, of releasing doubt and trusting in the love of God and man, not to be confused by ingenuity. While the story develops, we can see the gradual and sometimes painful growth of Susannah, in her spiritual life, in her marriage, in her self-respect. The story is sad at points without being melodramatic, and is very nicely written. I enjoyed it, and was sad to see it come to an end. 

Then there’s story of the families around them and their impact in each other’s lives. Several nationalities show a different approach to the common troubles, and the characters are very believable and their struggles with the basic necessities are so well portrayed you feel you are right there with them, plowing away and holding on to each other.

I recommend this book to any who is interested in the era as well as the ones who struggle to believe that He has ordained every step we take in this world. Looking forward to reading more work by Catherine Richmond.

This book was provided to me by Booksneeze for reviewing purposes, and in no way I am obliged to give a positive review. The opinions here expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way. 

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