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Cougar Crossing

Hello there!

Isn't this sign peculiar? Well, for me it was. I'm used to the "cattle crossing" and "people crossing" signs, but it is unusual for me to be in cougar territory. Despite living in a very small town, in what constitutes the continuation of the Rockies (we call it Sierra Madre) there really is too much traffic for these magnificent -and terrifying- creatures to prowl around at ease. The road in which I saw this sign is also peppered with wild boar, armadillo, snake, coyote and badger crossing signs. It is a brand new road, not a year old yet and hunting is not permitted in the region, so there you go.

There are a lot more cougar signs than any other, and I only saw one Cattle sign. Do you suppose that's the reason they advice you against taking this road after dusk?

The beach on the other end of the road is fantastic, by the way!

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Libby said...

Very interesting sign. I've never seen one myself and I would be very cautious. Here we just concern ourselves about other people's unattended dogs. Therefore you see people walking/exercising carrying big sticks. A stick means nothing to a cougar, I'm sure!

Ashley said...

how weird!

CT said...

Libby: yeah!!! good thing you can avoid a cougar by traveling by day, otherwise I'd have told (shrieked maybe) my husband to take the long way to the beach! lol! I don't think I'd manage to wave a stick to a dog effectively enough for it to run, but I guess it would drop to it's haunches and laugh nonstop, thus allowing ME to run away!

Ashley: you bet! lol! the badger and coyote signs are weird too... lol!


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