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BOOK REVIEW: The Promise of an Angel

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I'm fine, with a lot of adventures from the beach to tell but I will tell you a bit at a time. We had loads of fun! 

You must have noticed I've been posting book reviews. I really like doing this, because I rarely have friends here with whom to discuss books (well, my brother reads a lot too, but sometimes we don't read the same genre - he's into politics, I'm so definitely not!) So I'm taking advantage of Booksneeze and reading books for a review. This is fun and I am very glad that I'm left to my own devices in regards to the contents of my reviews, so if I really don't like  a book I don't have to write a possitive review! Anyhoyw, here's another book I got from Booksneeze

The Promise of an Angel

Following an accident at a barn raise, Judith sees and talks to whom she is convinced is an angel.  Soon that visit begins to bring trouble to Judith, who sees her credibility shattered, the man she hopes to marry drift away from her and towards her younger (and not as sensible) sister, and herself all but shunned from her Amish community. Still, Judith is certain that the promise he made will be fulfilled and will not go back on what she said just for the sake of getting along with her peers. She will find support in a very unlikely source: serious, hardworking Andrew.

I have to be honest. I found the first chapter a bit jarring, with everything happening all at once even before we had a chance to get to know our heroine. Then again, what she expects her family and friends to believe is nothing short of shocking, so I guess it is a good way to really get into the feeling of the story. Andrew and Judith are very well developed, Levi and Martha are more of a caricature of sorts. The rest of the characters (save the “Englischer” and Samuel) are more in the background. I’d like to have known Andrew’s parents better, and I hope I get to in further books. Overall, a very nice story that makes you care for Judith and Andrew. I’d recommend it.

This book was provided by Booksneeze for reviewing purposes. The opinions and commentaries are my own and in no way influenced by anyone

See you around!

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