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Beyond all measure


Beyond all measure
 by Dorothy Love

Sometimes, all you need in the middle of turmoil is to trust.  Ada Wentworth had her whole world upended: a broken engagement, his father’s business failing and then his death force her to leave her home and seek a future first taking a position looking after an  elderly lady, and with plans to establish a millinery business to support herself. Things rarely work out as we planned them. 

I really liked this book. It carries the several threads evenly throughout the story, so the events happening later in the book don’t seem forced but rather a natural consequence.  The pacing is even;  the characters have depth  and seem real – enough faults to make them believable but not so as to be caricatures.  I rather liked the role of Bea, but I don’t want to give out any spoilers!

It is always nice to know more about how the major historical events affect the everyday aspects of a community. You know Dorothy Love pays attention to accuracy (even when she takes minor liberties for the sake of the story) and that is something I really appreciate when reading.

Wyatt’s  and Ada’s  relationship with God and with each other developed nicely. She’s sweet and  afraid but you have to admire her determination. Wyatt is just the kind of hero I like, a wholesome man with lots of character!

Overall, this is one of those books that inspire and leave you with a good feeling once you finish reading them, and make you want to read more about the people and the town of Hickory Ridge.

I was provided with a copy of this book by for reviewing purposes. The opinions here expressed are my own.

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