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I'm so proud!!!

Five schools in Mexico participated in Kid Witness News, only five in the whole country!  two of them from Mexico DF (largest city in the country) two from Monterrey (third largest in the country) and one from my hometown. Little, 25,000 population. Way far behind Monterrey (3.7 million inhabitants) and not even close to DF  (107 million plus inhabitants).

I'm so proud of these kids! I went to the school they study at!

Check out the video here! it has subtitles in English

It won first place in Universal Vision. :D

Oh, and the nervous woman in black who won't look at the camera? the one at the café?

That's yours truly



Alhana said...

¡Enhorabuena! Yo también separo desde hace años y no concibo que aún haya gente que no lo haga.
De aquí a la fama... ¿cuál será tu próxima aparición estelar?

CT said...

JAJAJA! nada pronto!!!! (soy muy timida!)gracias!


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