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A brief note and a shop I discovered!

Hello peeps! how are you?

How am I, you say? well, I'm a bundle of nerves! Many of you know I'm Catholic, and a few know I  am a choir director in our local Church. (there are several choirs per church here!) But now I've had to add another title to that. As of tomorrow, I'll be a lecturer in the Lent Meditation excersices in our Church.

THAT's why I'm a bunde of nerves.

I have my meditation printed, backup-ed, revised and studied. Still, I cannot shake the anticipation and the headaches and the nerves. If you are so kind, please pray tomorrow for me and for the poor youth who will be subject of my efforts! I am praying with all I have in my so that the Holy Spirit takes over me and acts, because if I'm left to my own devices, I'm sure to panic and run! LOL!

oh and while I was researching a bit I ran across a blog and the blog owner's Etsy shop... and I loved it!!!! please go visit it! and recomend it  to your catholic friends!

and the shop owners blog:

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