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Twenty done

And a bunch more to go! Supposed to be 96 hexagons but I might do a bigger afghan... A blanket rather!

The hexagons are 5 and a half inches wide, 6 and a half from peak to opposite peak, made in sport weight cotton yarn. I love working with it!

My brother doesn't know it's for him, and it's nice that today he commented he liked the shapes and the combination of colors, and he looked at it longingly... He thinks I'm making it for my husband and that I'm gonna make him a vest. Hehehehe!

Love being nicely sneaky!!
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Just be happy! said...

awesome, CT!!

Erika's Crafts Corner said...

Can't wait to see the finished afghan.

Have a nice evening!

Libby said...

he's going to be pleasantly surprised! way to go. it looks great so far!

Alhana said...

Isn't it great? He will be delighted!

Ashley said...

way to go! Look forward to seeing them =D

gwengoods said...

Sneaky fun!


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