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For lunch today...

Chile spaghetti au gratin

One of my girls' favourite food is spaghetti. And Green spaghetti is top on their list. It's green hue is provided by a very mild chile, toasted until the skin is black, then it's put in a bag to sweat so you can peel the skin off. Then you seed it, chop it and throw it in the blender with a tablespoon of oregano, a bunch of parsley, one garlic clove, a cup and a half of chicken stock and half a bar of cream cheese. You pour it over the freshly cooked spaghetti, cover it with cheddar and a sprinkle of parmeggiano, a bit more of chopped parsley and off it goes under the broiler, until the cheese's fat makes the parsley crisp and you get a slightly golden cheese crust!

I love using fresh herbs in my kitchen, they give you such a delicate, wholesome flavor! I have yet to plant parsley, but I do have oregano, sage, mint, basil and even aloe vera (though I don't cook with it! Its just for medicinal purposes!) I am lacking garlic too, but I do buy it quite often. I prefer it to the "garlic salt".

Hope you have a great week!
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gwengoods said...

Sounds absolutely delicious!

Ashley said...

mmm that looks really tasty! I love using fresh herbs too. Last weekend I planted (in pots so they wouldn't take over the yard) sage, cilantro, rosemary, parsley, basil, mint, and thyme. I also planted some strawberries, tomatoes, and peppers! I can't wait to pick my own crops! =D

Libby said...

This sounds really good, CT! Which chile are you using? I wonder if it's here.

CT said...

Gwen: thanks! It is!

Ash: oh what a wonderful selection! I'm about to plant parsley, tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro and habaneros!

Libby: we know it by "filling chiles" or "de rellenar". I will take a photo tomorrow and post it, that way you can see it for yourself! If you have ever made "chiles en nogada", its the same one!

Tammie said...

it looks and sounds delicious.


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