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Have you missed me? I certainly have missed you! I've had a crazy couple of weeks. Remember the afghan I was crocheting? in one day I made about fifty rows and then on these two weeks? just ten. TEN. That's less than a row a day. Yeesh!

The reason? my little Tete was sick. My poor little one had chickenpox.  She started on that Sunday and spent these two weeks with me, since she couldn't go to school. The first days were the worst.  She had blisters on her darling little feet and she couldn't walk, so I carried her around. By now she's healed. 

And this morning (notice, another Sunday) I noticed my Judy developed the same blisters. Sigh. Poor little girl! and here we go again! now it's Tete's turn to go to school while her sister stays with mommy. 

Did I tell you what my hubby gave me for Mother's day? a spa certificate! so this week, when Tete was feeling better I left the girls with him and went to get a massage and color my hair. 

You know I don't really like taking my photo, so this was taken with the laptop camera. Not very clear, but...

I'm a dark blonde. Went from black hair to very light highlights and a medium brown hair dye. I LOVE IT!
And I better accept the fact that in the next two weeks there will be zero to none blogging and/or crocheting for me. My little girl needs me. She's a firecracker, so her convalescence is sure to be anything BUT boring. Tete was a darling, except she felt so bad at times that she just wanted to be held... for hours on end!  now it's Judith's turn to work on the "garden" in the early morning hours (not to hot, not too much sun) and late afternoons, and playing and coloring and... well, you get the drift! I hope they both consider this more a vacation than a "sick leave".

AND last but not least. The lovely Heather at Hester's Garden, my twin-separated-at-birth (if you will please ignore the fact that I believe she's WAY taller than me, and she has gorgeous big blue eyes and... well, you get the idea) gave me an award!

Hester was the first friend I made in the blogosphere. We share a love of books and gardening and our families. I am so delighted whenever she pops in my blog, and she writes the loveliest post that make you feel home! We email from time to time, and she has sent me some lovely things all the way from the other side of the world (that I'm dying to visit so I can grab a cup of tea with her and work with her in her garden while our four girls play- ok I let my imagination run away with me here!).  I strongly recommend that you pop by her blog. She's a breath of fresh air, really! 

So, here I am going to pass this award on 12 bloggie friends. If you already have received it, know that you are worthy of getting it a second time!

1.- Ale at Just Be Happy 
2.- Libs at Krafty Kreations.
3.- Ash at Knots by Ashley
5.- Dawn at Fiddlesticks
6.- Rudee at Nursingpurls
8.- Kashoan at Krafty Kash
9.- Jane at Marigold Jam
10.- Dani at Little Fists
11.- Tammie at Irregular Tammie
12.- Last but not least, the lovely Gwen from Gwengoods

These women are so fantastic! I know you all know them, but if you don't , what are you waiting for? pop over to their blogs! most of them also have an Etsy store, and let me tell you, this list has some serious talent! 

well, hugs, see you soon and please pray for my girls!


Tammie said...

thank you so much!

and you look gorgeous. i want a spa day.

i hope your little one feels better soon. my girl has a stomach bug right now. its nothing serious but shes a TERRIBLE patient. she cant relax, doesnt want to rest, and so on....when she gets sick it wears me out!

kraftykash said...

This is my 1st ever blog award! I am THRILLED!!!!!! Thanks for making my day. Sorry everyones kiddos are sick right now. Please dont send it this way. :)

hester said...

Tammie's right! You do look gorgeous! Like a glamorous movie star. I'm glad you had some pampering. You have an excellent husband!

I wish you could come and hang out at our place. Maybe one day....

hugs from your Australian Twin

Ashley said...

I hope she feels better soon! Your hair is fantastic & you look gorgeous! I've actually considered throwing in a couple highlights this summer too. Thank you for the blog award! =D

CT said...

Tammie: oh isn't it the worst? when kiddos are sick you'd rather be the one who got the bug! hope she feels better soon too! thanks for the compliment!

Kash: your first? I'm glad I was the one to give it to you! you deserve many more!

Heather: thank you! now you made me blush, sistah! GRRR I need to win the Lotto so I can go and visit you!!!!!! I really really really want to!!!!

Ash: thank you! (I'm blushing nonstop here) oooh! I'd like to see you with hightlights! I must confess I was bored with the same color for five years! finally decided it was time. It feels great to make changes! :D add the twenty odd pounds I've lost and I feel like a million bucks!

Dani said...

Thank you!!!

You look amazing in that picture! I wish I looked that good with the laptop cam.

Love and hugs to your girls. And you...

Rudee said...

I'm so sorry about the chicken pox, but it's so much safer to get them while young, than it is to contract this virus as an adult. Remember that when you're at your wits end being a nursemaid!

Thank you for the beautiful award!

Rudee said... are beautiful, CT, and your hair looks fabulous!

CT said...

Dani: thanks!!! Sending tons of hugs back!!!
Now you made me blush!

Rudee:yeah, I'm glad they got it now that they are so young. They have been good sports so far! Heheehe! And thanks for your kind comment!


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