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Well, I have been tagged by two very wonderful ladies and now it is time for me to catch up and post it!

First, I was tagged by Alessandra to do this fun game and pass it on to 5 others. So here's what you need to do:

1. Collect the book you have most handy.
2. Turn to page 161.
3. Find the 5th complete sentence.
4. Cite the sentence on your blog.
5. Pass it on to five other blog friends.

The book is Barefoot Contessa Family Style, by Ina Garten, and on page 161, fifth sentence....

" Follow these tips and you'll have delicious, flaky pie crust every time"

Got your mouth watering, didn't I?

Then Kar tagged me for another fun game of six random things to share, here are the rules:

1. link to the person who tagged you
2. post the rules on your blog
3. post the six random things about you
4. tag six people at the end of the post and link to them
5. let each person know that they've been tagged

1.- I am a book-a-holic... I really have to stay away from bookstores, Amazon et al because I cannot resist buying books. And I'm not exagerating here. I'ts almost pathological.
2.- When I was in College, I used to smoke cigars with my brother... real cigars mind you, not cigarrettes. That lasted about six months. Never got addicted.
3.- Don't know why but I can't shake the feeling that I'm a VERY FAMOUS person... I've just not been discovered yet! LOL!!
4.- I had the biggest crush on Gene Kelly (the dancer/actor/singer, not the foot ball player!) when I was little and got super jealous when he kissed some "other" girl in his movies!
5.- I can type really fast with my eyes closed or the keyboard covered.
6.- I have dozens and dozens of stories that I've written that nobody has seen...


now I'm passing BOTH of them on the poor unsuspecting

3.- Tanya
7.- Brenda
8.- Rudee

Sorry! It was hard to choose between all the wonderful women of whom I really am curious to know those six random things... so I cheated and finally made my list of eight. Looking forward to what you have to say!!!


Tammie said...

ooh thanks for tagging me. i like the book one. ive never seen that before.

Rudee said...

I will work on this over the weekend. I have nothing else to talk about during my knitting slump and this is better than nothing.

Hey! Gene Kelly was mine before he was yours. I loved him. Oh great. Now I'm humming, Singing in the Rain. Just dancing and singing in the rain.

hester said...

Ooh! I've never been tagged before! I'll have to think if I have anything random and interesting to say about myself. See you soon

Libby said...

I enjoyed learning some more random tidbits about yourself!

About #1 - My mom and I have been plagued with a cookbook collection problem. There wasn't an anonymous association for us to join so finally I had to put a stopping to my problem...She, on the other hand, still collects them. Now I choose to search recipes online, but now I'm addicted to this computer (but at least I have only one, with multiple tabs open at all times). Ahhhh, I feel better now that I've confessed!

Alhana said...

I am a bookaholic too! My mother used to say my room looked like a library but now I've stopped buying (so many) books... and storing yarn! lol. :-D

coloring in my life said...

I love Barefoot Contessa too, her food always looks(and is)so good!

Tanya said...

Oh dear... I'll have to think on this a bit... I talk so much that there isn't much that people don't know... Thank you!


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