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Back to school

Mi big girl is off to her second year of school (first of Kindergarden) and little "Tete" is on her very first day of school... and Mommy doesn't know what to do with herself with her girls away... I'm off to pick them up this minute though! YAAAY!!! love my girls!


marigold jam said...

Oh how lovely they look. Enjoy your free moments whilst they are at school you will find the time goes all to swiftly. I remember picking our daughter up from her first session at nursery school and having to deal with such a temper tantrum because she didn't want to come home! Those were the days although it heralds the end of Mummy being the fount of all knowledge and Mrs so and so is suddenly God now!.


Just be happy! said...

they are adorable CT!!!

craftygal86 said...

Your little girls are SOOO cute in their school uniforms!!

Kar said...

Oh my gosh! They are too cute for words CT! Cherish these moments dear. They grow way too fast! I'm sure you already know that. :)


Alhana said...

Do they wear uniform at kindergarden too? Aww they look so tiny and cute!!

Libby said...

Ahh, so cute, CT! Are they hot in the sweaters; how is the weather there? Your girls are too adorable. I bet the littlest one is so excited to do what her big sis has been doing already. :-)

Tammie said...

so cute.

coloring in my life said...

They look so adorable in their dresses and red tights!
My girls go back to school this week too(after I drop them off on the first day I think I may come home and get myself a little nap:)

CT said...

Jane: yes, they enjoy being with lots of kids so they really don't want to come home! and the biggest keeps going Miss Gemma this, Mis Gemma that!

Ale: Thank you! I love how they look! all impish and that!

Ash: don't they? the uniform is the same in that school throughout High School, but the little ones are the ones that really make the look work! LOL!

Kar: thank you! they do, don't they? where did my babies go?

Nuria: yes they do! even in Pre-Kinder (they have a nursery too, and the littlest ones wear uniform too!!!)

Libs: the mornings have been chilly because it is raining a lot, so they wear their sweaters for the first hours. The sports uniform has it's own jacket and it looks so cute in that tiny size!

Tammie: thank you!!!!

Nicole: thanks! I wish I could have taken a nap, I very badly need it! LOL! I dropped them off and went to fret at work!

Tanya said...

They are adorable in their sweet red uniforms! Which one looks most like you?


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