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50 things to write about

You know how sometimes you have no idea what to blog about? I mean, you eat, sleep and breathe but when it comes to writting your blog your mind goes blank? it is not like you have nothing to say, it's just that you think it is not important enough... oh, wait, that would be me.

Well, I ran into this blog entry. It has a list of 50 topics to write a microblog entry about and I thought it would be fun. So, head over there if you feel like it, make your blog about it and let me know when you have done it... it will be fun, and we can hop on and meet new blogosphere friends (if you invite your readers to join in the fun) and get to know the ones you already are aquainted with a little better. No limit in how many topics you choose, so in case you have a major case of blogger's block, you at least have 50 days worth of blogging material!

Number one says to twitter and ask for a random word to blog about. Well, I'm posting a request in twitter, but please challenge me too! give me an usual topic to blog about! be creative!!!!

Or I could review the crazy bed at the begining of the post...

I was going to tell you to go check out the cool scarves my frien Ale has in her shop but... they are sold!!! YAAAY!!! Congrats, girl!


Just be happy! said...

I will think of something to ask you to blog about and I'll get back to you.
Thank you for mentioning my scarves, you rock!

Tanya said...

Good glory, sometimes I think people are hoping I'd STOP writing about so much stuff! If I started on that list my kids would disown me!

hester said...

I love that bed. That's exactly how I asleep. But Greta likes to sleep with her little arm around my neck so she would fall off! Maybe you could do a whole posts about beds you have, worst, etc.


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