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Here comes the sun!

Hello there! how have you been? This week has been quite busy, and I'm happily organizing the Xmas swap (by the way, a few swappers have yet to send me their addresses and prefferences), catching up with the blogs I've not read this week and so on and so forth.

It is hot in here, too hot to work with anything other than cotton! and I've been working on a present for my mom... a doily, that now looks like it will turn out to be a tablecloth! I'm making it with #20 cotton thread and a 1.1 mm hook (if anyone knows the equivalent in US system, please let me know!)

This heat also calls for cool foods, or at least a lot of veggies. Anything heavier is too hard to digest! So I've been having salads (not much to show you in the food department). Even so, since today we are getting together all as a family, mom and I made tamales. As usual, I did not take photos until the pot was closed and sealed and ready to cook! (DUMB ME!) but Mom promised we would make more soon, and this time I will make sure to take photos! have you made tamales...

And since we are having a Xmas ornament swap, do you think I have a chance of getting my present now? there's one thing I really really want... oh well!

So, don't forget to send me the info cause I need to let everyone know who they are sending the stuff to!

happy crafting!

Ps: Oh! did I tell you I was told I was crafty... like it was something dirty??? LOL!!!!!! I had to laugh, I couldnt resist it!


Kar said...

You are much braver than I to take on those wee little crochet hooks. I looked up some conversion charts for steel hooks and the nearest I could tell is that it would be a size 10 hook. You have got to show off you work when finished with the project for your Mom. :)


coloring in my life said...

Tamales sound so delicious right now!
and being crafty of course is a very good thing (:

Alhana said...

My chart says it's a 11 size hook (I use a 12, 1.00mm!). My 2nd doily, also my 2nd crochet project ever, took me years to finish and it's a large tablecloth... beware!!

What's a #20 size thread? In Spain we have sizes 3, 5, 8 and 12. 1.00 mm hook is for #8 size.

hester said...

I have no idea about crochet hook sizes, but sounds like you have some knowledgeable advisers! Have fun!

Libby said...

¡Sí, he hecho tamales! en un restaurante mexicano localizado en los montañas de carolina del sur - mi estado. :-D


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