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PHEW! what a week!

It has been truly interesting... for me, I'm sure I'd bore you all to tears before you finished reading all the happenings of the week. Let me just say that it has been fun, I've been very tired by the time the day ends, but very satisfied. What I regret is not having more time to get in touch with you, but I've been reading a bit here and there, and this weekend I will try to catch up with all that has been going on in your lives, my friends!

On to the craftiness!!! I finished the scarf to replace the one Mom bought, I made another crazy scarf that I like a lot but sinceI'm making a matching beret I've not yet listed it on Etsy. Plus I want to get a mannequin, or at least a head like Misty, Libby's constant and faithful model, so I don't have to bother my SIL all the time with modeling sessions! I'm also still working on the capelet (such thin thead does not fast progress make!) and in a seafoam shawl.

Is that all I've done this week? no, but since I do not have nice photos, I cannot show you all the things I'm making.

Oh! and guess what???

Mom had an adventure of sorts. She was in her hometown for a visit, and while walking through the streets she noticed something odd in the debris they were bringing out of a house (must have been some renovations going on). On closer inspection, what does she find?

A crochet and lace Christening gown. With shoes, cap, slip and blanket to match. In the garbage! it was a very delicate thing! also in a bucket in the trash, half a dozen cones of very thin crochet yarn and a couple of half skeins. Mom asked in the house if she could take those and they told her she could!!! so she brought them back home, washed the gown and gave me the yarn....

how nice is that!!!


Tammie said...

your mom got some very cool trash finds!

Just be happy! said...

those type of things don't happen to me... LOL

Libby said...

What a great find! When those rare things happen, it produces an extra smile on a rather ordinary day. Enjoy!


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