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Diet? what diet??

The day started rainy. And cold.

I woke up sore today and in need of comfort (food).

It had been about a year since I had Atole

My husband loves birria

This is a rare photo of my hubby... he doesn't like to have his picture taken
(just like me!) but he was happy eating his jocoque so I ambushed him!

See how clever I am? There are at least four reasons for me to cook these two very mexican, very fattening but oh so comforting foods!

Have you heard about them? Atole is a drink made of maize that you can drink hot or cold. Birria is sort of like a stew with beef and pork and lots of stuff! well, it can be made of goat or lamb, and it will taste yummy too!

As it is becoming a trend with me, I did not think of taking photos to show you the process. It is quite simple though. I guess since it is so normal for me to cook all day long that I don't deem most stuff picture worthy... but I promise I'll correct that. Oh and Michelle, I promise I will post some recipes with chipotle, but you have to try the birria too if you like the flavor of the smoked jalapeños!

Well, I'll start with the atole. There are going to be a LOT of ingredients you'll have to get at specialty stores when I cook traditional mexican dishes, but this one has only one "exotic" ingredient necessary: tortilla dough.

The raw tortilla dough is placed in water and then diluted until it is a thin mixture. My favorite way to have it is white: no sugar, no flavors but the maize flavor... and have a drink of atole and a bite of panocha, which is the compressed form of molasses...

To make plain white atole you strain the dough and water mixture over a pot with water, and cook it stirring often. Easy, right? when it is thick, sort of like pancakes batter, and the atole doesn't taste raw, it's done.

But you can also flavor it in so many different ways!!! add cinnamon sticks to the water before you add the dough mix and some sugar (substitute a quart of water for milk) or add vanilla instead of cinnamon. Or in the case of this particular pot of atole, fig leaves.

Fig atole is my second favorite. Dad's is cashew. Hubby loves pineaple atole, and my little brother likes his with strawberry.

Oh! and did I tell you I finished crocheting the top??? here it is!!!


Libby said...

Yes, I have heard of atole, but I've never had it before. I need to become your understudy because my Mexican cookbooks don't do these recipes justice. I'm still trying to figure out horchata. I have the ingredients, I have the "recipe", but there is always something missing. I think it's the technique. Oh well, I'll keep raiding birthday parties!

Libby said...

Oh, I forgot to mention your top - well done! Pretty colors!

Just be happy! said...

I've never had it either!
Keep posting recipes, I am loving it!
By the way, the top turned out beautiful, way to go girl!

Alhana said...

You know, the Mexican restaurants here in Spain just serve burritos and fajitas. Atole? Birria? Chipotle?
It sounds new for me!
The top is beautiful, and you crocheted it record time!

(Libby, maybe I can help you with horchata. It comes from my region).

CT said...

LOL! horchata is still my favourite flavor! and jamaica too... Alhana, I didn't know it was from your region!
And chipotle are smoked jalapeños, and are super hot and super delicious!


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