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Crafty weekend! (picture heavy post!)

I had a very fulfilling, crafty weekend... here's the summary. I didn't have my "big" camera with me so this are phone photos... I'll take others for Etsy, but I couldn't wait to share these with you :

I finished my corckscrew scarf. The colors are Purple and beige, and the beige yarn is a bit furry, I think it looks like a modern version of a royal mantle :D This is the only item I did not begin and finish this past weekend, I only finished it.

My seashell headband! the lenght also allows it to be worn as a choker. Made in variegated cotton (love how it looks!!!! I'm having some issues here!!!!)

Detail of the flower pin for the Sea Foam shawl, also in mercerized cotton

The Sea Foam Shawl at lenght! I must confess, I'm a bit reluctant to list it in my Etsy shop, I love how it looks on!!
A shawlette, Sweet Spring

Sweet Spring shawlette flower pin

And these are the items from the Christening gown set, once washed!! arent' they lovely!

Happy crafting, everyone!


Just be happy! said...

I would be having a hard time parting with that too!
great job CT, everything looks great!

Alhana said...

You were right, that gown is lovely! How can people get rid of that?!
I like your creations, was it hard to make the Lover's knot with cotton thread? I'm only working with thread lately -too hot for anything else.
Have a great week!

CT said...

Alhana: I know! from what I could understand, they belonged to an old lady that could no longer see enough to work anymore, and she got rid of many many things...

Working the Lover's knot with cotton was a breeze! even easier than with any man-made yarn. I definitely recommend it.

Ale: thanks!!! I'm giddy still with all I accomplished this weekend!

Libby said...

CT, these look great. You have some beautiful yarns there.


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