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Starting on the border

I'm crocheting the base for my border. And my brain is abuzz with so many things...

I worry about a friend whom I may have let down... You know who you are, and I know you will read this. Honey, I wish I had been right next to you to hold whoever made you mad so you could hit them. Seriously. Or better yet, I'd hit them. Hard. I'd put those boxing lessons from a decade ago to good use, I'd use every dirty trick I know and I'd go ballistic. If you knew me in college, you'd know I'd seriously do it. Just promise you'll pay my bail. Which brings me to the next item...

I try to plan a way to get out of debt... Ugh. Do you know anyone who is willing to donate $10 k to a third world mom so she can get out of the sinkhole? Oh, didn't think so, never mind...

At the same time, I'm considering how happy I feel about the way the choir has grown and thinking of stepping down as their director, because they need someone more capable and better prepared than yours truly. It's been a good two years. Yep. It has.

And I have the craziest feeling I'm at a major turning point in my life. Too bad these "bends in the road" - you darling Anne Shirley! - sometimes are freaking scary.

So I stop to say a prayer, then I sit down, thank my husband for reading my mood perfectly and putting the girls to bed after pouring me a beer, and in the quiet, I grab my hook and start doing something I CAN control... Sort of.

I'm winding down.

And I add everything up and you know what? My life is good. Really good. Thank God for it, and for all of you reading this, and for all the ones around me.

Life's really good. Even when it's not. Except if there's a zombie Apocalypse. Then it will suck unless Milla comes and kicks everyone's green decaying tushie and saves our hides.

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Libby said...

Oh, that border is going to be great! I can feel it.

You're not the only one at a turning point. I think the scary part is in not knowing, but that's when we are to have faith. I'm still learning. Hang in there! :-)

Rudee said...

If I win the Megamillions lottery tonight, I'll be glad to help a girl out. In the meantime, I'm in the same boat as you.

The border will be lovely, and I do know how picking up strings and needles/hooks can help you feel in control. I recall when you first took the choir on--has it really been two years? Time flies.

Alhana said...

I am liking that tablecloth very much. Cross stitch plus crochet... what else could a girl be asking for? :-)

I'll donate if I could but seems like life gets tougher for underrated countries like ours. As Libby said, hang in there! There has to be a way out for us somewhere, we just need to have faith.



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