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Not entirely idle

I'm having fun and trying to relax in the rare idle moments I have. It's been a while since I did some cross stitch, but I love it just as much as I did. I'm aiming to finish this some time next decade, as it's a tablecloth and I have but five minutes here and there to work on it. But some day, God willing, it will get done and grace our table. :D

What's your favorite embroidery technique?

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Libby said...

Wow, I haven't cross stitched since I was in jr. high. I'm continually amazed by your talents, CT. I know that this tablecloth will be a beauty whenever you get done. :-)

CT said...

Hey Libs! thank you! LOL! now I'm blushing! let's hope I don't make a mess of this tablecloth! I enjoy having my munchkins around me watching the needle in and out,fascinated by the thread making an image

Clara said...

Very pretty.

Just be happy! said...

wow, you are just something else, my friend!
I don't have the patience to cross stitch, I have done it before (including 3 fish designs for the little man's room) but always go nuts to finish it fast! LOL
You know how I am...

marigold jam said...

Enjoy your embroidery time. I am not very good at embroidery in any form but I enjoy embellishing my crazy patchwork with threads, ribbon and beads.



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