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Fourth time's the charm

That's how many times I've started this scarf and frogged it. Four different patterns, two different crafts but now I'm really liking it now!

Its commissioned, and the only parameters I was given was that

a) it had to be long (the recipient is TALL)
b) it had to be white

Since I know the really nice lady who will receive the scarf, I didn't want to make a plain one, so I tried two different crochet patterns (none convinced me) and a previous knit pattern (too blah) before settling for this: I think it's texture is nice, it's not too fussy or frilly (think of a Marilla-like lady and you'll see why it must be a sensible one). What do you think? Do you have a go-to pattern for when you want to make an interesting scarf that's not too fussy?

What presents are you crafting this Christmas?

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Clara said...

This is very pretty. I know what you mean having to frog out a pattern a few times before you get it right. Sometimes you just know it is right and you will get it....others you know right away the pattern is not something you want to continue with. I've been bookmarking so many things but am thinking I ought to keep a journal of my patterns, with the ones I like and why. I think it will be easy to do just what you say here and realize you have a pattern you can rely on.


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