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It's raining!

Rick has thrown some rain our way. The rain drove workers off the fields and customers into the cafe. This is what I see from the workshop upstairs. Don't you want to curl up with needles/hook, yarn and a cup of something warm and yummy???

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Kar said...

I agree. Curling up with some yarn is FAB! I'm going to do that as soon as books are put away from school work. Love those kind of days. :)


Alhana said...

I love rainy days and yes, I agree with you too!

Rudee said...

OK, I'd like some hot chocolate please.

Libby said...

Raindrops falling, hooks or needles clicking, and yummy hot chocolate. Who could ask for anything more? Sounds like a nice afternoon.

CT said...

Kar, so do I!!!
Nuria: aren't those days great for crafting?
Rudee: of course! Consider that i like mine with chile, though...
Libs: you know what else would be great? The lot of you dropping by here for an afternoon of crafting and chomping!


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