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From the front lines

Dear Bloggie friends:

I'm still alive. I refuse to be put down by some bug, even if in this round it seems to be winning, by making me look and feel like something the cat spit out!

The day it opened fire (when I started feeling ill) I was about to share happy news with you: the bank had consolidated my debt allowing me to make waaaay smaller payments. Finally I felt I could have some kind of control -well a girl can dream- over the insanity of my financial issues. It still will require pretty much every cent I make, and since my Etsy store seems to be DOA, I am going to be a bit pressed for money. Sadly, that means that as much as I enjoy it, I won't be able to participate in swaps or buy those gorgeous yarns until further notice. At least I have my stash from the Etsy shop!!! : D

Am I rambling? Am I making any sense? My brain seems to have turned to mush. But I keep crocheting on! And in public too! Helps me keep my mind from wallowing in self pity, until I feel well.

The really down side is that I won't be able to direct choir practice tomorrow! Ooooy!!

Alive and crocheting from the battlefield,


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Just be happy! said...

I am so glad to see that you are blogging again, I missed you here!

The scarf is turning out fab!

Take care of yourself, rest and feel better.


Kar said...

Glad to hear that things are at least moving in the right direction. Many years ago we were in a tight money situation and it was not easy. Just stand strong and things will get better.

Hope you feel better soon. Keep working on the scarf and keep a smile on your face. :)


Tammie said...

feel better soon.

as you know, im broke too. paying down debt sucks. hang in there!

Merynne said...

I have missed your blog SOOO much! ;) I have been away from the blogging world for a bit... mommy duties keep getting in the way. ;) I had to go back and catch up a little. And here you are, sick again! Sorry to hear that. On a happier note, that picture of your little girl trying to crochet in an earlier post was absolutely adorable!!! Feel better soon!

Rudee said...

I hope you feel better, soon. Glad to hear the bank is helping out with other things. Don't give up on your etsy store dreams. Times are rough. Perhaps they'll get better in the near future.

Libby said...

I've missed you too! Glad to hear about the bank. Maybe now you can breathe a little. And, I hope you feel better really soon. :-D

marigold jam said...

Get well soon! As long as you have enough yarn in your stash to keep crocheting all will be well. Better times will come.



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