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Do you suppose I am crazy?

Remember I told you I had a ton of stuff to take care of and that was the reason why I would not blog?

Guess what?

They got done. Halfway.

I finished some items for my Etsy shop, and all I have to do now is photograph them so I can upload them. THAT is the part that hasn't been done. Wanna know why?

I have a new job. A Full Time Job.

And no, I did not quit my other full time job. Yes, you read it right. I have not one, but TWO full time jobs.

How do I manage? The new job is helping my dad with the office. And he moved his office next door to the café, and the new office and the cafe's kitchen are comunicated by a narrow door. So I spend my days running from my desk in the office to my apron in the kitchen or at the bar.

Call me crazy and hit me with a stick!

And it is stressful!!!!!!!!! not because of the bunch of work, that I can manage. But rather, my instructor, ahem-dad! He is the jolliest of men, until he sits at his desk. Then he is a bundle of stress and on whom do we take out our stress?

yes, you are correct! our loved ones! in this case, yours truly! I try my best to keep my trap shut (I am quite beligerent by nature) because he certainly doesn't need more stress, and I have to force myself to remain -externally- calm. Never mind if inside I'm a pint sized volcano.

Sigh... sorry about the rant. I HAD to vent, or I would explode and go everywhichway at once. I cannot do it with my mother because she has enough stress already, and she would be mortified, but I DID ask her permision to hang a punching bag in the storage room. It is an absolute necesity, I need to take up boxing again if I am to relax. Picture myself yelling at the top of my lungs, sending children and small creatures running for cover.

What do YOU do to relieve stress, folks?


Michelle Walker said...

CT, you are amazing! Working two jobs is out of control!!! Hang in there, I know you'll get into a routine soon and it won't be too crazy, hopefully!

Tammie said...

ok. first of all youre amazing! two full time jobs! wow.

its hard working with relatives. you tend to not treat relatives with the same respect youd give someone else..its strange but true. hang in there.

oh and to relieve stress i try to exercise. but i usually just drink wine. :)

Just be happy! said...

two jobs, two kids... wow, you are truly amazing!!!
Hey CT, let me know if you need any help setting up your etsy shop or help with anything else, I check my emails in the middle of the night after I feed the baby and have him on my chest, to be burped... hehehe

Take care of yourself!!

Libby said...

Well, sadly I can relate. Although I only have one full time job, I have several other jobs that sometimes end up being worked during the same time frame and so the stress levels are through the roof, and then gradually they subside.

I'm still trying to figure out a successful stress management plan, but what I realize is that last year when I started this jogging plan, I felt much better. More energy. More productive time on task. Clearer mind. Then it got cold, so I got off track, but I think the jogging was really helping so now I'm trying to start back. I guess the punching bag would be the equivalent - so definitely do something that requires physical exertion.

I also drink herbal teas - Tension Tamer, Peppermint, Ginger, different ones depending. And I talk. Talking helps me rid of some of that negative energy. And I go to church on a regular basis.

Well, when you figure out your plan, I'd definitely would be interested. Like I said, I'm still working on mine. Don't want to age too quickly! :-)

Take a deep breath....


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