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Busy much??

I have been absent. Picture me with a dejected look, head hung, quite forlorn...

Wait, is that... a smile I have on there, half concealed by the black locks?

Yup. Sorry. I promise I HAVE been working hard (what with two jobs, plus my girls, plus my addiction to knitting and sewing and all). Really!

But I've also found my new knitting reading place... check out the side bar... yup, up front, under the(quite needing for an update) photo of my two gorgeous, funny babies...

There's a woman with four beautifull kids. If you have something to do with your time that is remotely important, say cooking, taking care of the kids, living, please, refrain from stopping by that site

It is a black hole. It'll suck you up and hold fast to you.

It will crack you up.

I chanced on it on some other blog post, I cannot remember which, but commited the error of reading her "Black heels to tractor wheels" Don't, just don't. Or do. But be warned.

It is SO engaging!forget Twilight! this real life romance is pure gold, and if she chose to mold it, expand on it, she would have a best seller on her hands. Because the woman can write!!!!

She's held my attention while I've crocheted over 30 granny squares (I blame you, Ree, for all the dropped stitches! for all the misplaced double crochets! for the fourty times I've had to re-do that particular square that will be from now on, and perpetually, frazzeled!) and has had me laughing out loud, with the antics of her children, of her Marlboro Man, of all her story. Go check her out. And later if you still remember me, come back and tell me how did you like it.


Michelle Walker said...

I love pioneer woman!!!

Just be happy! said...

I have to check that out...

Chookyblue...... said...

Ree has a lot to answer for I spend way to much time on her blog it......

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