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Hello to my friend Hester!

Hey there! Thanks for the friendship blog! :) hehe!

The caps are incredibly easy to do, and super fast! I am waiting for some new t-shirts that my dad is getting me from Guadalajara, I'll let you know if I find a way to make it easier so you can try your hand at them!

About the home, ANYTHING could help. From making it known to your friends and community, to donating stuff. We have received donations in the form of art (painting, photography, drawings, sculptures -gorgeous ones by Laye Kuyaté, from Africa-); an outfit donated by a famous mexican singer, to raffle proceeds, to computers, clothing... we find a way to make everything count (my father was president of the building sponsors so we all got pretty much involved in it. Anything helps, and every day more kids arrive to the home. Thanks again, Hester, for your concern!

I was going to reply to a comment by my friend Hester but decided instead to post it here, so it was easier to read... :) and for all of you who are wondering if there is a way to help. Thank you so much!


hester said...

Hey there. Thanks for the post. If I had some stuff to send (maybe clothes or puzzles for the children) is there a postal address to mail things to?

CT said...

Hogar del Niño desprotegido San Isidro A.C.
Mariano Escobedo 54,
Zona Centro
Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco,
CP 44980

Thank YOU!

hester said...

Thanks for the address. I'll try and get organised and send something from Australia with love. Could the clothes/toys be secondhand?

CT said...

sure! :D as long as you send them with first hand love! :D


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