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Craftivism: If you like working for a cause...

Photo by Amanda Blake "SouleMama"

Have I got a treat for you! Amanda Blake, of Soule Mama fame and writer of "Creative family" has started this neat project called Mama to Mama. You really only have to donate a t-shirt, some of your time, and postage! Please, read this and this... guaranteed, you'll be inspired!

And while we are doing this... in my little corner of the world there's my own pet cause. It was started over a decade ago by Father Isidro Ramirez (may he rest in peace), a close friend of our family. It is a home for kids who are homeless or whose family situation makes it impossible for them to live with their families for the time being. Sort of like foster care, but all in one facility that provides them with housing, schooling and such. This days, they have finished the first of six stages of construction for the home, but the kids need clothes and blankets and sweaters and... you get the idea. This area has warm weather almost year round, but winters can be quite cold, and with no buildings around their home, it is very very windy!!!! the Hogar del Niño Desprotegido needs donations in whatever form possible, so I am appealing to your generous hearts!!! I am toying with the idea of a quilt to auction in benefit of the Hogar, but I am but a single quilter...

There was an art auction on 2005 and there will be another one this December. Sadly, Father Isidro passed away two weeks before the first auction, from pancreatic Cancer. This is what I was thinking about: Will you help me make a Round Robin (or several!) quilt to auction? maybe we won't finish it in time for December's, but if we gather a few we could conduct another one specially for the quilt (s). I know there are a lot of supporters in the US, mainly in California (where some of the people working at the Hogar have families) and they have held benefit dances, concerts and raffles. There are some wonderful people in Kent also that have worked a lot to help us (hi there Florence, Edna, Mr. Mayor, the whole gang!!!! And of course, the wonderful guys and their families from the Kent Fire Department!!!!!) Could we spread that across America?

I'm praying we can.

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hester said...

Hi. I was so pleased to have you drop in to my blog. We really do think alike. It's lovely! I'm afraid, though, I'm a lousy sewer (although I can embroider grub roses!) so don't think I could manage to sew jersey newborn caps for Soule Mama. Is there anything I can do from Australia to help with your project of the children's accommodation?

PS I've awarded you a friendship blog but haven't published the post yet. Still fiddling with the links.


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