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Water (colours) for a hot spring

Hello peeps! Are you still there? 

While I keep reading about the snow still falling in some states of the U.S., I'm here with my little family melting in the proverbial puddle. It's hot here! It already reached the nineties! Right now it's the coolest of the night, I can't sleep and it's 72 degrees. No AC unit. Lots of water to drink, my friends! 

On the bright side, it's perfect weather for playing with watercolours! I have  a heavy hand with water and all this heat means it dries faster! I must confess I haven't purchased expensive watercolor because I am on a very limited budget! So these were made with elementary school watercolours! Those that come with 12 basic colours and a cheap bristly plastic brush tool. Maybe two dollars in the store at the corner. Actually, living in such a small town that's about it, you can't get much else! 


Alhana said...

Nice watercolours!
No es necesario tener materiales caros, lo que se necesita es buena mano. Tu caligrafía es preciosa. :-)

CT said...

Gracias Alhana!!!! Saludos


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