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In which pride goes before the fall...

Lately, I've not been crafting. It's a bit hard to crochet or knit when your arms are sore, and your palms might be screaming for some TLC. It's a bit of a challenge to find time after supervising your kid's homework and packing a grown woman and two girls (and a lot of junk) so you can make it to your destination on time, and then do it all again but in the opposite direction, give the girls and hubby their dinner, have a different dinner, bathe said girls and finally have a much needed shower yourself. In spite of all this, I am really happy.

I believe I heard the collective gasp. "How can you NOT craft and be happy!?" well, I find that what I've been doing is not only a great stress reliever but it's also great for my health. Even if poor Mark Lauren gets constantly abused from a very long distance when I feel I simply cannot bring myself to follow his orders. And then gets my most heartfelt apologies after I've had a good rest and my jeans fit better.

No, dah-lings, I've not lost my mind (not much of it, anyway, and it's entirely unrelated). I've become quite the masochist thanks to this:

I got this book for my hubby's birthday, because he said he felt he was wasting time at the gym when he could be home with us (and he loves to workout), but since he doesn't read english, nor speaks it, I had to read it first to translate it to him. Mmmmh... let me tell you my interest was piqued by Mark's affirmations that his men (military) trained using only bodyweight and some items that can be found practically in every home or hotel room if it comes to that, or even a park. I could not believe that you could get THAT kind of muscle definition without pumping iron. (yeah, maybe I forgot to tell I became a weight lifting junkie lately)

Since my mom and dad (both in their sixties) got doctor's orders to excercise, I thought this would be a splendid time to test this man's theories, and I offered to help them follow the workouts. So we started with the begginers workout. Piece of cake. I would help them, show them how to do it, do it with them and then complement it with more weight lifting so I could get a "proper" workout.


I thought I was so smart.

And then I tried it. And my arms, arms that bench pressed 90 pounds, and did standing military press with 25 pound dumbells in each hand and could help me through Romanian dead lifts with 100 pounds, did hammer curls with 25 pound dumbbells, those same arms were reduced to putty after the first "Begginers" workout.

I then remembered his opening sentence: he does not train actors, stars, celebrities, people whose livelihoods depend on their being fit. He trains those whose LIVES do.

All my poor aching muscles make sense now.

Leg/core WO today, so if come night you hear some soft complaining and maybe some not so soft groaning, that will be me.


Libby said...

Such discipline. Maybe I need that book and an exercise buddy. :-)

CT said...

lol! you can call it pig-headed-ness! now my pride (yes, sometimes pride is good) demands that I not only go on but finish all the way to the Chief Class -gulp!

but it is a very good book!

Katherines Corner said...

Wow! Well done, I am starting a new diet today, you just gave me a little more motivation. xo


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