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Happy New Year!!!!

´Tis a time to start afresh, and I am making only TWO resolutions:

1.- Take REALLY good care of my health
2.- Be more charitable towards others (specially others I don't like much)

I thought about it long and hard, but I simply could  not list "Blog at least once a week" as a resolution. It didn't sound like it was Resolution worthy (not next to the other two, at least) So instead it's a promise.



Just be happy! said...

Looking forward to reading your blog posts. I've been missing you, my friend!
Happy 2012!

Libby said...

Happy New Year, CT!

Glad to have you back. :-)

Alhana said...

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
And welcome back! :-)

CT said...

Ale: I've been missing you too!!! :D
Libs: Glad to be back with my friends!
Nuria: Feliz año nuevo!!!! thank you!!! :D


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