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Let me tell you something....

Once upon a time, there was a brown eyed girl who wanted to know everything there was to know in the world. Well, not everything. She's a bit slow for math, so those fields that require intense use of obscure formulas would give her headaches.

She did find she was good at arts. Or at least reasonably good. Ok, passably. She was good at charades and some other useful stuff like that. She found she was terrified of close spaces and at ease in great heights, had no problem with spiders but scorpions, snakes and the such inspired terror. She met and fell in love with a black eyed boy and suddenly she found herself turned into a mommy with two little firecracker princesses.

That girl had a blog. She wrote in it with regularity and she loved it. She met loads of amazing women and became friends with some of them. She found her points of view broadened and her knowledge of the world challenged and nurtured at the same time. She learned many things, tried to unlearn many more and generally had a good time.  

This girl has to aknowledge all this and thank you all before admiting that she cannot keep up properly with the blog. And she knows it's ok. 

And while she will blog whenever she can, that, sadly is all she can promise. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made and this blog is the one that will not be spared. She will visit you all, and every other month she will post a bit of her life and maybe a bit of her crochet/knit/sewing. I love you all, and I mean it. 


marigold jam said...

Well I will be one who will miss your posts but sometimes I know life gets in the way and you are doing the right thing I'm sure. We will look forward to seeing you as and when you can spare a moment and please know that we will be thinking of you even though you are not around as often.



Alhana said...

Te echaba de menos y te seguiré echando de menos. Tan sólo espero, de verdad, que todo vaya bien por allá.
Un abrazo.

Libby said...

Luv you back, brown eyed girl. :-) I was just thinking of you and your blog on yesterday. And now you're posting on today. Life happens and sometimes we can't keep the pace we once had. Post and visit when you can. Missing you bunches though. :-)

Rudee said...

I know the feeling.

Don't be a stranger!

Just be happy! said...

I'll be here, whenever you post. Miss ya!

hester said...

Wow! We are pyschic twins, after all. I have just taken several months off blogging as something had to give for me to stay sane and be a good wife and mother. I wrote my first post today since July and wanted to drop in and say hi to you. I totally understand how life doesn't leave room for blogging and you're right....It's OK. But I'll miss your beautiful outlook on life, so please drop me the odd email to say hi!


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