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The Stuff Dreams are made of

Lately I've been daydreaming more than usual about my dream house. Over the years, my ideal home has changed. In the eighties it HAD to have a big trampouline in the middle of the living room (ok, I was under 10 years old!) and a pool and a basketball court. All glistening marble, and everything would have to be white, black or silver. And leather. Lots of leather.

Nineties? Hands down, I HAD to have Green Gables. Gilbert Blythe included. Or THE house of Dreams... Or Rainbow Valley.

I blame Jane Austen for the next decade of longing for huge mansions like the Darcy's Pemberley Manor.  Grand piano, big estate, statues, paintings, heavy brocade curtains and big furniture included. Mr. Darcy was NOT optional. It was a requirement.

And then I married. And I had two kids. And there's NO WAY I'm doing all the cleaning up in a huge mansion, thank you very much! While the thought of having oodles of servants is appealing (no toilet scrubbing! yaaay!), since I have to deal with so many people on a daily basis, in my home I'm rather inclined to our privacy. I'm uncomfortable with having someone else not of my family or friends in my home. Am I weird?

Well, let me tell you about my dream home, as it is in my mind in these days.

My dream house is


 (yes, I realize I'm back to Green Gables! No need for Gilbert to apply, though. I'm keeping my hubby, thank you very much! image from dornob)

Well, not THIS small, but it is a good ilustration of what I like (by the way, check out the amazing interior! go visit the blog and see all the cute little things -and the amount of details!!!!!- that can fit into a small , small house like this one!) I want a small house that I can clean up in little time, but with enough rooms for all the  things I need (ie, craft room, family room, sleeping quarters for everyone, a good size kitchen)

And I love the quaint look of these victorian houses! aren't they just adorable!?!?!?!

I mean, look at this cutie! check out that front porch! perfect for afternoon crocheting/knitting/embroidering/tea with the girls!

wish I had the floor plan for that little house! It is so delicious! 

This one is SUPER! just the perfect little house for little old me!

Can you blame me for swooning? look at that front porch! I bet there's another one in the back! and that upstairs window is just screaming "craft room!" to me ( if this house was mine, though, I bet my girls would get that room as their bedroom). Actually, this just might be a tough competitor for THE house. It is almost too perfect!

That is the second requirement, as you might have imagined : a porch. I love sitting in porches. I'd put a rocking chair. Or a small swing seat. I'd dring lemonade and bring my basket of yarn to the front porch. Or my book and my cup of coffee. I'd have a bird feeder on the other end of the porch. 

The third requirement... I need space

Not inside the house. I'd just be content if it had plenty closets and cupboards (I just love the name of it! cupboard!) wouldn't THIS look just right in my home!

While we are at it, I want the wicker basket AND the plates AND the hen and rooster... well, EVERYTHING!!!

I want space... for my garden

And for my veggies

And for my hens and critters!

See, I live in a little house. And it has sort of kind of a porch. And I have some plants. And a balcony (that I love).

But my girls have no room for a closet in their tiny tiny bedroom (one bed, that's it and they share it). And I wish poor little hubby had a room where he could do all the stuff he likes to do without having to stop and put everything away because of the girls and lack of space (he LOVES puzzles... so you see why that is an inconvenient).  We have nothing close to a living room, it is more of a living hallway. The kitchen could use some cupboards but since it is such an old house we cannot put them up because they would come right down. And bring the wall with them. 

I love my little house and while  I wish we had more storage it's the lack of space that mortifies me. The girls have no room to run and play and have fun and just be... children.

And I'm not complaining (ha!) REALLY. I am happy I have something to look forward to, something to dream about. A nice small house with a garden where our family can receive our friends and loved ones. And share a cup of tea. 


Tammie said...

ooh i love some of these pictures.

my idea of a 'dream home' has changed a lot in the last few years too. we've downsized so much in the last few months that i feel i have a better idea of how much space i actually need. i DEFINITELY dont want big anymore. TOO MUCH CLEANING AND WORK. but i would like more rooms right now, even if they are teeny tiny rooms.

Ashley said...

A front porch is definitely on my dream house must-have list too!

CT said...

Tammie: and you MUST come for tea! I promise to keep a room Disney-free for ya when you come stay over!

Ashley: doesn't ANY house with a bit of self respect want one? lol! but really, it is a must!

Libby said...

I would love to sip tea at your new house too, CT. And kick my shoes off too. :-)

* I don't have a particular set "dream house" look, but I need for my house to feel cozy so that I want to stay there and guests feel at home just when walking in the door. BUT, enough space not to live on top of myself. lol

CT said...

Libs: You know you have an open invitation, any time you decide to drop in! we'll make some cookies and other yummies to go with tea!

I know, I also like the homey feeling. I didn't feel at home in the house we live now until I made curtains for all the windows and filled it with plants! we now have the hens and some parakeets and it is homey as home is!

Rudee said...

I have a porch, but seldom use it. I don't know why. Maybe next year I'll put up a swing and use it more. And plants...lots of plants. I do sit on my back porch more often.

The thing about lots of space is that you have to clean it up. I'm enjoying the art of downsizing. Once the kids move on, you just don't need the space and clutter.

The photos are great, CT.

CT said...

Rudee: Do you often knit in your back porch? I usually sit on the steps outside the girls bedroom in the afternoons, when it is shady. I bet you use your back porch more often because it is more private, right?


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