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I need me some blue pots!

Isn't this image lovely!? what a view!


Rudee said...

Those are beautiful! I need some, too.

Libby said...

I went to purchase some blue pots recently but the coloring in the sales flyer was off and the blue really wasn't this blue. Such a disappointment.

hester said...

Just gorgeous. Wouldn't you feel happy looking at that all day?

Just be happy! said...

Oh my, those are fabulous!

CT said...

Rudee: wouldn't they look gorgeous??? Lol! Would Leo leave them alone? Or does he only favor orange mohair?

Libby: that's a pet peeve of mine. Never trust flyers anymore!

Heather: it would be fantastic to look at that the minute I'm out! I do like my red pots but that blue!! That blue!!!!the only thing that would make me happier, gardenwise, is a cottage garden surrounded by a stone wall! And heaps of lavender and roses and all sorts of old fashioned flowers and bushes and veggies... Sigh! And a bench in the middle of the garden where I could read or craft or tell my girls some faery tales and stories.... Sigh!!

Ale: aren't they happy looking???


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