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Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!

That sound is so relaxing... To me at least. I didn't plan it, I didn't even dream of it! But now we have a jolly set of four roosters and three little hens. Those in the photo are the hens and the smallest of the roosters.

They are all pretty young, so maybe in three months I'll have all I need for an omelette in my patio! Eggs, bell peppers, parsley, basil, aurugula, tomatoes, onion, you name it!

Care to join me then?

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Alhana said...

Aren't they too many roosters for a single run? lol
Potatoes! Add potatoes to the omelette! Tortilla española. Sooo tasty!

CT said...

Lol! The other three are the fighting kind... But my husband won't use them for that. The little one is going to be with the three hens! Lol!

I actually want to plant potatoes! La tortilla española es deliciosa! Estoy de acuerdo!

gwengoods said...

Yum!, and you can feed chickens most anything.

hester said...

Oh..I'm so envious. I'm dying for chickens but I know the dog would chase them. Maybe one day....

It's going to be so wonderful to make omelettes from all your own produce! My favourite is spinach and feta cheese omelette with semi sun dried tomatoes. (I only managed to produce the spinach!)

Rudee said...

I'd like a little cheese in my omelet, please.

CT said...

Gwen: yes! isn't it great!

Heather: it's still a long time away (the hens are small) but yes, it will be great!!! (BTW I LOVE spinacj and feta AND sun dried tomatoes!!!!)

Rudee: ok! bring the oj! LOL!

Libby said...

I'm glad to see that your roosters were separated. That would have been one nasty fight! LOL

You are becoming quite the gardener these days. Everything sounds delicious!


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