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Two years already?!?!?!?

Two years ago, this little girl made her grand entrance to the world....

It's her birthday! and she celebrated it in her classromm (her sister - in the white turtleneck shirt- crossed the hall from her own class to join the celebration)

Happy Birthday  Tete!

Want a closer look to the cake???

Lol! I made it at home and I have only two small round pans! so I had to be creative! and Tete is in love with Mickey Mouse!


Alhana said...

¡¡Felicidades guapa!!

Libby said...

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Tete!

That cake is amazing, CT. You have major talent. Who wouldn't love that Mickey?

Tammie said...

happy birthday little one!

and that cake is amazing. i love how you got creative with it.

Kar said...

Happy Birthday Tete!

I love the cake also. Great job you did with it!


Just be happy! said...

happy birthday sweety pie!
thank you for bringing so much happiness and joy to this world!
a big hug from this far away aunty.
note: the cake is totally AWESOME!

teri said...

fantastic cake!!! how very resourceful of you!

hester said...

Happy Birthday Tete! Your mummy did a great job with your cake.

Glo said...

Love the cake mommy! You do such beautiful work! Happy Birthday Nene!

kraftykash said...

What a cute cake! Thanks for signing up for my yarn swap. Please send your address info and favorite colors of yarn to


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