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Back from oblivion and just in time for the Holidays!

So many things have happened! so many crazy things! HOW ARE YOU PEEPS?????

I've been so crazy busy that for the first time in about two weeks, I'm gonna be able to go read your blogs. You can't imagine how I've missed you! All sort of things have gone out of whack. First, my BlackBerry just went off.  Died. Went were all good smartphones go. I had not realized how depending I had become in this little gadget, but it was as if suddenly I was stranded in a semi-desert  island, with no way to know how you guys were doing or share with you what I was up to.

And then came a series of small crisis. Our computer system at work broke down. Mom had to go have two small tumors extirpated and was sent home for three days to put up her legs, and she could only stay in bed for about four hours and after that she started going about the house fixing stuff up (the tumors turned out to be benign, thank God!). My  dad's partner asked him to buy out his share of the farm because his kids are now at the University and needs the money. One of my workers just told me last weekend that she is resigning because she is pregnant and her husband wants her to stay at home during the pregnancy, so she's working with us only until New Year. All of this, in the last two weeks.

But not everything was bad. My daughters had their school Xmas festival and the choir I'm directing also made it's debut there :D.

Judy was  Yellow in a mexican carol where the colors all go to the manger to paint everything pretty for Jesus. Tete was Rudolph! (I made her costume)

Also, I had a very crafty fortnight!

Remember I showed you something I had just casted on right before I dropped from the face of the blogosphere? well, this is what came out of it:

This turned out so nice that I'm making one for myself, of a muted orange and olive green stripes!

These cheeky little puppies climbed all over themselves to be in the photo! they just need a nice ribbon collar and they are ready to go to their homes!

I love how the cute little faces came out!

I also made this scarf, which doesn't look as long as it is in this photo! I'm 5'1 and when hanging by the middle from my neck, it reaches to my ankles! it is wide too. I love the chunky yarn and the colors that this photo doesn't do justice to! It looks like a shot of a frosty morning, and it is so soft and warm!

I'm doing this scarf in the same chunky yarn, in a seed stitch pattern. I might just keep this one for myself!

And yet another WIP is this lovely shells in relief pattern scarf, in a deep crimson! I think it looks like dragon scales so I'm loving it, although being of a sport weight yarn it is taking LOOONG to crochet, and so far it's eaten up THREE skeins of Vanna's Choice. I hope to have it ready for the 24th so I can wear it on our first Christmas Mass as a choir.

Well, this is what I've been up to so far. I miss you all, and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, just in case I'm sucked by the season's rush of parties and presents yet to be finished. From all of our family, sending you warm  hugs and our best wishes.



Glo said...

Nice goodness you are busy! I said a pray for mommy and I hope she recovers quickly.

the puppies are so cute and your daughters are bonita!

god bless
much luv

Just be happy! said...

Oh my, CT!
so many beautiful projects, I love the puppies the most, they're simply adorable.
Oh... and the girls, how I wish I could pinch their cheeks! hehehe
Great job on the reindeer costume, it's awesome.
I hope you get a chance to post more often, missed you bunches.

hester said...

You have been so busy! Your girls look gorgeous and I especially love the reindeer outfit you made. Very very cute!

Thanks for dropping by my blog to say hello. It's great to "hear" your voice.


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